Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

By DeAnna

Kids can benefit from yoga just as much as adults. Most children sit in school several hours a day, come home to homework and extracurricular activities and often need time to slow down and decompress. Yoga helps kids stretch the body, relax the mind and helps improve their mood.

Here are a few benefits of yoga for kids:

Yoga Helps Kids Cope with Stress:

We all face stress and anxiety throughout the day and kids are no different. A yoga practice for kids is more than just stretching! Yoga asanas (poses) helps kids cope with stress by helping the focus on their emotions and encouraging them breath and find relaxation. As a matter of fact, breathing techniques are great for kids (and adults) to use when they are feeling too stressed or when they don't know how to express their anger. Using mindfulness they have learned during yoga helps them cope with everyday stresses. Practicing yoga helps kids find their balance and focus.

Yoga Helps Improve Mood:

How many times have you walked away from a yoga class and said, "Wow! I needed that!" It's no different for kids! Kids love yoga because they can move, stretch, breath, meditate and make friends all at the same time. They have a chance to release negative emotions during class and leave feeling positive and loved!

Yoga Improves Breath Control, Strength and Coordination:

Yoga takes strength, stamina, focus and coordination. During yoga, we move through our practice with our breath. Kids learn how to focus on that breath while moving. Proper breathing techniques help kids gain focus in order to move through their practice. In addition, kids must learn to use their muscles, flexibility and body strength during yoga.

These are just a handful of benefits of yoga for kids! At One Soul, we offer yoga classes for kids so check out our schedule and join us! Schedule a kid's class here.

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