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Your wellness is important to us at One Soul Yoga. Not only are we your local yoga studio located in Sulphur Springs, TX, but we are also your local wellness center offering a wide array of holistic treatments. Some of our more popular wellness offerings include sound therapy using tuning forks and crystal singing bowls, wellness coaching, yoga therapies and reiki treatments. If you are a local wellness practitioner and looking for occasional use of a wellness room, we offer a small room for rent by the hour. 



Sound Healing (also called Sound Bath) is an immersive meditative experience where participants relax as they enjoy a journey of sounds played by a sound healing practitioner. At One Soul, DeAnna utilizes the powerful, yet soothing sounds of chakra-tuned crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, gong, ocean drum, crystal pyramid, tuning forks and a variety of chimes and other instruments. Each instrument has its own healing frequency or vibration that washes over or “bathes” the body to help the participant relax, renew and balance energy.

Private tuning fork sessions help align your subtle body energy  Non-weighted tuning forks are used around the body to connect and support the body’s natural frequencies and help bring imbalances back in order. The vibrations of the forks carry deeply into the body and along energy pathways which are known to affect us mentally and physically. A tuning fork session is holistic in nature and may help address energetic imbalances, relax and de-stress the body, boost the immune system and stimulate mental and physical well-being. Limited number of sessions are available to book up to 24 hours in advance on our classes page. 

 Contact DeAnna for information about booking a private one-hour session.



Balance and alignment: By using specific frequencies associated with each chakra, sound therapy can help balance and align the energy centers, creating optimal flow of energy throughout the body.


Stress reduction: The soothing vibrations produced by the instruments may induce a deep state of relaxation, helping to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.


Emotional well-being: Sound therapy is believed to have a profound effect on the emotions, helping to release suppressed feelings, trauma, and emotional blockages stored within the chakras.

Physical well-being: Sessions may support physical healing by promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation, and stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.

Spiritual growth: Sound therapy is often used as a tool for spiritual growth and self-discovery, helping individuals connect with their inner selves and higher consciousness.

Sound healing is not recommended for those that are pregnant, those with recent concussions, those with pacemakers/electrical medical implants or those on palliative care.

These sessions are holistic in nature and are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. If you have questions about your health, contact your health care provider.

DeAnna is an E-RYT 500 yoga instructor and co-owner at One Soul and a certified sound healing practitioner. DeAnna holds weekly Candlelight Immersion class every Tuesday at 8 pm that combines gentle somatic stretching and stress relieving practices along with breathwork, meditation and sound healing. In addition, DeAnna offers frequent group sound healing sessions as well as private group and private individual sessions at One Soul Yoga and your location. Contact for info.

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